Tonight’s Contenders: The Surfer’s Selection

The crew of Monday Movie Nights is back from a two week hiatus in Bali. There we spent our time eating seafood, roasting pigs, frequenting dubious massage parlours, and dabbling in a bit of surfing. While dubious massage parlours would have also made for an excellent theme, tonight our movie contenders focus on surfing.

Point Break (1991) – 122 min

An FBI agent goes undercover to catch a gang of bank robbers who may be surfers.

The Endless Summer (1966) – 95 min

The crown jewel to ten years of Bruce Brown surfing documentaries. Brown follows two young surfers around the world in search of the perfect wave, and ends up finding quite a few in addition to some colorful local characters.

Chairman of the Board (1998) – 95 min

A surfer becomes the head of a major company. Starring Carrot Top. Oh jesus.

Blue Crush (2002) – 104 min

As a hard-core surfer girl prepares for a big competition, she finds herself falling for a football player.

Riding Giants (2004) – 105 min

Documentary detailing the origins and history of surf culture.

Surf’s Up (2007) – 85 min

A behind-the-scenes look at the annual Penguin World Surfing Championship, and its newest participant, up-and-comer Cody Maverick.

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